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Ken Nunoo ascended to the 9th heaven this year for introducing the spiritual cleansing ritual with the eggs.  Ken Nunoo is now fully officially recognized as the first person to introduce spiritual cleaning with eggs and granted him ascension to the 9th heaven. 

Last year Ken Nunoo ascended to the 3rd heaven as a Scribe.  At the age of 22 years old Ken Nunoo ascended to the 4th heaven. In 1999 Ken Nunoo ascended to the 6th heaven. Congratulations are  in order for Ken Nunoo.  

Here is an article from the New York Times discussing the method of spiritual cleansing using eggs, introduced by Ken Nunoo.

You will find the method of spiritual cleansing in the book How to perform spiritual bath, spiritual cleansing and divination

Ken Ahele Nunoo of Ghana, author of spiritual books and music, New age composer, was born on Saturday August 11, in the 20th century. In the 21st century Ken Nunoo fused together mathematical science, spirituality, and music to offer scientific proof of the existence of God. 

Ken Nunoo invented and introduced the kabbalistic cowry divination known as THE ORACLE OF THE ELOHIIM. In this form of divination two throws are made, if the second throw is greater than the first throw the answer is Yes, if the second throw is less than the first throw the answer is No, if the same it is a tie.

This method of divination uses spoken names of God, combined with the seal of Adonai.

The guardian angel of Ken Nunoo is Ramamel. The angel Ramamel is from the 3rd heaven, associated with the planet Saturn and day of the week Saturday. The third sphere on the tree of life is known as the sphere of knowledge and understanding. Binah, or Elohemu.

Ken Nunoo discovered the names of God ELOAHUM, YAHWEH in the musical scale of the piano through a code he invented, which is now known as THE CODE OF FAITH. He used this code to decode the biblical texts and came up with the formula BERESIT = 77 = LEMINEHU = 77 = ELOAHUM = 77 = EMANUEL=77 = CHRIST = 77. This formula means Christ is Emmanuel, Emmanuel is God, God is the Seed, The Seed is the Beginning.

Ken Nunoo is author of the spiritual books “The Trinity of Lights”, “The Seed Master”, “La Semilla Maestra, as well as composer of many musical compositions.

Ken Nunoo was first to introduce  the formula MIND = SQUARE ROOT OF (SOUND SQUARED + LIGHT SQUARED). This formula explains that mind is dependent on sound and light. This topic is elaborated in the book “The Trinity of Lights.

My music, albums and books are linked as one, and the music is not only for listening and dancing but a method of teaching spirituality through music. The central theme is the unity of spirituality and science through music.

On most of the my albums, the names of the track, the contents of the lyrics, or associated poems convey a spiritual message, a source of inspiration for daily living, and are teaching tools. Some find easier to retain a message through a song, others retain through images and symbols. An ancient method is the use of the tarot deck to teach spirituality. My method is to use music to teach spirituality. A picture may be worth a thousand words, but music today is part of our daily lives. Our God and nature are one.

The eloquent speeches of people I have admired are : Dr Kwame Nkrumah of Ghana, Dr Martin Luther King Jr,and Barack Obama.

The musical works of composers I have admired are: Bethoven,Kitaro,Vangelis, and Yanni.
The spiritual works of people I have admired are those of The Seed Masters. The Seed Masters are those men and women that have planted the seeds of original doctrines or philosophy that has florished into modern day religion, and various forms of spiritual and philosophical organizations. The Supreme Seed Master is God, the creator of all.

These include, Jesus Christ(Christianity), Moses(The Torah), King Solomon(The Kabbalah), Kuan Yin, Gautama Buddha of Inida(Buddhism),Muhammad(The Koran), Saint Germain - Francis Bacon(Freemason,Rosicrucian), Kuthumi Singh Li, Maitryea,Confucius, Plato,Socrates, Aristotle, Pythagoras,Rene Descartes,Okomfo Anokye of Ghana(Herbal Spiritual Medicine, The Immovable Sword),H. Spencer Lewis (AMORC Manuscripts), John Dee & Edward Kelly (The Enochian Manuscripts)

The Trinity of Lights," a book published in October through Publish America, presents a mathematical approach to spiritualism, and seeks to provide people with a logical understanding of the spiritual universe. Nunoo hopes to make people understand that science - in particularly mathematics - is not something divorced from the spiritual world, but part of the same overall reality.

-Al Sullivan
Bayonne Community News

Ken Nunoo featured in the Bayonne Community News
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